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What some of our loyal customers think

YakoutLights has truly transformed the way my home feels. The intricate details and warm glow of their Moroccan light fixtures have added a touch of enchantment to every room. My guests can’t help but admire the unique elegance they bring

Sarah M.

Stay at home mom

As an interior designer, finding pieces that captivate both me and my clients is essential. YakoutLights has become my go-to for exceptional Moroccan light fixtures. The craftsmanship and authenticity they offer are unparalleled, turning every space into a masterpiece.

David L.

 Interior designer

I stumbled upon YakoutLights while searching for a statement piece for my cafe. Their Moroccan light fixture not only became a conversation starter but also set the perfect mood. The blend of tradition and contemporary design is exactly what I wanted. So thrilled

Briana L.

Business owner

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